KMP Graphics Inc 

About Us

In 2003, our founder was involved in the racing industry with teams and clients competing in Trans-Am, CART, NASCAR and WEC/IMSA. Finding the quality and selection of graphics required for sponsor events and race cars severely lacking, he started KMP Graphics.  KMP Graphics was founded to serve the racing industry with high-quality, outstanding design printed material delivered on time and with consistency.

KMP Graphics has grown from its racing roots to serve a wide variety of clientele. First responder vehicles for our ambulances, police and fire customers are our number one priority.  With major ambulance fleets spread across nine states, our reputation for quality and consistency has resulted in a tremendous following and customer loyalty.

Racing is deep in our roots! 

The team & people we met racing was part of the joy.

Celebrating victories was a blast!

 Sporting our product in many automotive shows. 

Our racing teams raced all over the country! 

 We've been in racing since 2003! 

Other Products

Innovation is a hallmark of KMP Graphics.  Over the years, KMP Graphics has developed a reputation for designing and developing several products to aid customers and end users.   KMP Graphics is a 3M shop and works closely with 3M on providing feedback for new lines of reflective products before they are ever introduced to the public.  In addition, KMP Graphics has developed specific products to solve problems in various industries.

Cool Remedy Roof

COOL Remedy roof treatment was designed to help keep ambulances cool by reflecting heat off the roof before it enters the module.  Cool Remedy customers report a 10–12degree reduction in interior temperatures in side-by-side test.

Manufacturing Template

 One large customer asked KMP Graphics to develop a clear adhesive template that was dimensionally stable and could be used to locate various drilled holes and rivets in order to reduce errors and waste.  KMP Graphics was able to solve this problem and provide a long-term solution that reduced errors and increased the efficiency of the customer’s production line.

Printable Prismatic Chevrons

In an effort to move customers away from the 3M Diamond Grade chevrons of the day, KMP Graphics worked directly with industry producers to develop the first-ever printable prismatic chevrons to increase durability and reduce costs of chevrons.


Many larger fleets use a placard numbering system to identify their units.  Fleets were using all sorts of hardware and tracks to install these placards, with very limited effectiveness. 

KMP Graphics developed a state of the art new system that is light, clean and easy to install and change the inserts.

Involvement with Chisholm Trail 100

KMP Graphics is a founding member of the Chisholm Trail 100 Club. KMP Graphics President Keith Kelly served as the third President of the organization. The CT100 club serves the 1st responders of Johnson, Somervell, Hood Counties and the city of Mansfeld providing line of duty death insurance at no cost to over 1,900 first responders. The CT100 also offers several different scholarship programs for 1st responders and their families.